Sinn Fein calls for extension to fuel allowance

Payment ran out on April 1

Sinn Fein is calling on the Minister for Social Protection to extend the fuel allowance this year, to take into account the ongoing cold weather.

The allowance, which assists people is paying their heating and fuel bills, is paid on a weekly basis from January 1 until April 1.

Sinn Fein TD Sean Crowe says he has contacted the acting minister for Social Protection Joan Burton, to request that the payment be extended until the 1st of May.

Deputy Crowe says the payment of the allowance should take adverse and cold weather conditions into account:

 "Any fool could tell you that it's very very cold at the moment but it seems to be ignored by those in power in this Government.

"If everyone accepts there are people dying from fuel poverty, then it's a case of saying well, what can we do? I'm saying this is clearly one step we can do."