What happens in Coppers, stays in Coppers as the iconic nightclub celebrates its 20th birthday

Henry McKean investigates what has made the nightclub such a popular spot

"See you all in Coppers!" - those were the words of the Dublin All-Ireland winning captain Bryan Cullen in 2011 as he lifted the Sam Maguire against Kerry.

It has become an incredibly popular refrain in the years since, but why has the Harcourt Street nightclub in a Georgian Terrace building in Dublin become so iconic?

As it celebrates its 20th birthday, Henry McKean headed along to Copper Face Jacks to meet the staff, the clientele and soak up the atmosphere of the famous nightclub.

So why is has the spot become such an icon and why is it called 'Copper Face Jacks' in the first place?

Well, it’s difficult to get the bottom of it, but the legend goes that The Earl of Clonmel, who lived on Harcourt Street, was a man who liked the ladies and enjoyed a drink, and somehow earned himself the nickname Copper Face Jack. Understandably enough, the famous nightclub decided to use that name as their own when they opened their doors 20 years ago.

Last year Coppers made over €5 million in profits. While that alone is huge, it also managed to not only survive through the recession, but to thrive as well.

Spread across three floors and seven bars, it has a loyal following of regular nightclub goers who turn up every night of the week, but an incredibly loyal staff also. DJ Dave Lyons has been working at the club since it opened, while Ciaron Clark on the doors has been there the same amount of time, along with bar and nightclub manager Aidan McCormack.

"I work with great people here over 20 years," said Clarke. "They've all gone, they've settled down and married with kids, and I'm actually now at the moment meeting people who drank here whose kids are coming here."

Henry headed out on to the dancefloor to explore what the secret to success is, given that the Dublin institution makes something in the region of €13,500 per day in profits.

Gaining access with his gold card, Henry found that the general consensus was that there's something in the air, as "Coppers is where all love stories begin".

You can listen to the full report below: