The top five anti-blockbusters coming to cinemas this summer

With 'Captain America: Civil War' kicking off a few months of CGI spectacle, which movies are coming in under the radar?

The top five anti-blockbusters coming to cinemas this summer

Meryl Streep as the hapless opera singer Florence Foster Jenkins [YouTube]

Like it or lump it, war is coming. Marvel, releasing its twelfth movie in eight years, will debut Captain America: Civil War in our multiplexes as the clocks strike midnight, with this weekend’s box office haul anticipated to reach as high as $200m around the globe in an effort to build up anticipation to its release stateside next week. Riding high as a critical darling, the summer tentpole – the name given by the movie business to the biggest releases of the season – heralds the next few months of explosions, comedies, and plenty of CGI, raising considering excitement and disdain amongst the movie-going public.

With plenty of films fiercely battling it out at the box office, we’re taking a look at the five most interesting below-the-radar indies and character-driven stories that you might want to attend when you roll up to the cinema and find the juggernauts sold out.

Money Monster (May 27th)

From Sony Pictures, this thriller stars George Clooney as a Wall Street TV newsman, whose typical appearance offering stock market advice in interrupted when a bad tip sees a disgruntled investor (Jack O’Connell) take him hostage on live TV. Directed by Jodie Foster, the film is slated for a Cannes premiere, and features Julia Roberts as the show’s producer.

Maggie’s Plan (July 8th)

From director Rebecca Miller comes this comedy starring indie darling Greta Gerwig as Maggie, the other woman who comes between a charismatic academic (Ethan Hawke) and his difficult Danish critical theorist wife (Julianne Moore). After her relationship with Hawke sours, she hatches a plot to get the estranged couple back together. The film co-stars Bill Hader and Maya Rudolph.

Free State of Jones (May 27th)

Can the so-called McConnaissance continue? The Texan actor this time stars in the true story of one-time Confederate soldier in the American Civil War, who deserts and heads up a rebellion of slaves and farmers in Mississippi. Directed by four-time Oscar nominee Gary Ross, the film also starts Keri Russell and Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

Swiss Army Man (June 24th)

Better known as the movie in which Daniel Radcliffe transitions to fully-fledged adult star with a performance that sees him play a farting corpse on a deserted island, Swiss Army Man was the surprise hit at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Its directors, Daniels Kwan and Scheinert, took home the directing prize, with the film’s trailer promising a cult classic in the making.

Florence Foster Jenkins (May 6th)

Expect Meryl Streep to lock in, at the very least, her 30th Golden Globe nod – and probably an Oscar one too – for her turn as a tone deaf New York socialite who dreams of making it as a famous opera singer. Based on the very real Florence Foster Jenkins, acclaimed British director Stephen Frears, behind Philomena and The Queen, the film charts her journey from clueless dame to taking centre stage in Carnegie Hall – despite having almost no musical talent at all. Hugh Grant and The Big Bang Theory’s Simon Helberg co-star.

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