A new designated messaging app will stop you from drunk texting ever again

'Protect your Privates' also stops receivers from taking screenshots of your humiliating 4am messages

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Waking up the morning after the night before has always been fraught with a spiral of shame of pain, even before the era of SMS missteps. Scanning your phone, bleary eyed with intermittent pangs of aching pains, and seeing you did send a series of nonsensical messages to your friends, exes, or employers is a rude reintroduction into the world. But now there’s an app that wants to save you the embarrassment by allowing you to delete any trace of stupid drunk texts from the recipient’s phone.

Protect your Privates, as the app is called, is a messaging app that includes a handy feature allowing senders to recall messages sent out – which, if done quickly enough, could prevent them ever being seen at all. Furthermore, messages can be sent with a self-deleting notice so that they’re destroyed after a set period of time, and the app even prevents those receiving your messages from taking screenshots and furthering on your humiliation.

“All messages are encrypted end-to-end. Only the recipient can read them. Screenshot prevention mechanisms prevent recipients from forwarding, copying or saving your messages,” the Protect your Privates blog reads. “Users can feel safe knowing Privates keeps your data not just encrypted away from the reach of hackers but also protects against screenshots. Features such as sending natural reactions, drawing and writing on photos makes Privates multifunctional and fun!"

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