Calls for car manufacturers to install intelligent speed limiting systems as standard

The limiters are said to be an effective way to prevent deaths on our roads

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File photo. Image: Carlos Osorio / AP/Press Association Images

Car manufacturers are being urged to install speed limiting systems as standard in all vehicles.

The Road Safety Authority is hosting a conference today, aiming to "broaden knowledge and awareness of Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) as a tool to combat speeding".

The RSA is also launching its second ‘Pre-Crash Report’ today, assessing the impact of speed on fatal collisions here.

It is claimed that introducing proper technologies in cars could reduce crashes by 30% and fatalities by 20%.

Professor Oliver Carsten, of the Institute for Transport Studies in the UK, says intelligent speed limiters are an effective way to prevent deaths on our roads.

He told Newstalk Breakfast that, when the device is enabled, "your speed is governed to the current speed limit. If you want to push through it you can, but it's a very nice, gentle system to keep you below the speed limit".

He explained that "at the moment very few car models are offering them. They're increasingly being offered because Euro NCAP, the testing authority, is pushing the manufacturers to install these systems".