The Evening Top 5: Fianna Fail react to water charges issue, McGregor backlash continues

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Alan Kelly accuses Fianna Fáil of "environmental treason" over suspending water charges

The Acting Environment Minister Alan Kelly has accused Fianna Fáil of committing "environmental treason" over plans to suspend the water charges. Opening Dáil statements on water charges this afternoon, Mr Kelly lashed the proposal from Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil as "political, economic and environmental sabotage".

Ewan MacKenna: Latest Conor McGregor drama a cross between Fair City and WWE

By now, it's boring. It's monotonous to read about his antics, it's mundane to listen to his vitriol, it's tiresome to view his desperation for attention. Of course these are words and sentiments Conor McGregor Inc. never aimed to inspire when creating the false persona that has overtaken him, but in reinventing himself he forgot one key factor. When everything is outrageous, shocking and scandalous then, inversely, nothing is because they become the norm, expected and presumed.

David Mahon murder trial hears details of post mortem

David Mahon's murder trial has heard that a post mortem was not able to confirm whether Dean Fitzpatrick ran onto a knife or was stabbed. A pathologist has told David Mahon’s murder trial that the fatal knife wound suffered by his stepson wasn’t a “gutting” as described by the prosecution. Dr. Michael Curtis described the injury as “non-survivable” but said he couldn’t confirm whether there was a run on the blade or a deliberate thrust.

SIPTU claims Transdev's pay reduction of Luas drivers is "illegal and we will challenge them"

SIPTU says a threat by Transdev to dock the pay of Luas drivers is an outrageous and provocative escalation of the dispute. The Luas operator says it will reduce drivers wages by 10% from this Friday if their strike continues.

German city installs traffic lights in the ground to catch the eye of "smartphone zombies"

The Germans have their own word for people who walk around, eyes glued to their mobile devices. Smombies, a hybrid of smartphone and zombies. And now one German city has developed its own system to keep these zombies alive by preventing them from walking unawares in front of moving traffic.