Cannes Film Festival terrorism simulation video frightens away attendees

New anti-terrorist strategy is the first of it's kind in France

The 69th annual Cannes Film Festival is set to take place from May 11th to 22nd, and is regularly seen as one of the cultural highlights of the year.

However, following the Paris attacks last November, the organisers wanted to show that should a terrorism incident take place during this year's festival, they are prepared and capable to react to such a situation.

Following a faked attack and hostage taking-scenario in one of the cinema screens, the footage was then released on the internet, but ended up having the opposite of the desired effect.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke to some of the would-be attendees, who stated that a terrorist attack wasn't even in their minds, but having seen the video, they may now no longer go to the festival.

“I only found out we might be in danger when I saw that video,” stated one industry veteran. “Maybe I'll stay away from the red carpet [this year].”

You can watch the simulation video below.