Teacher fired for using the word "vagina" in art-history class

The Michigan school claim the teacher broke their rules regarding reproductive health

A Michigan based teacher was shocked when she was fired from her job as a substitute for using the word "vagina" during class.

Allison Wint was teaching her 8th grade students in Harper Creek Middle School about art-history, specifically the work of Georgia O'Keefe, when she made reference to the art's sexual connotations.

Speaking to wwmt.com, Wint stated that: "Yes, I did say that word however I was saying it in the context of art history; I wasn't being vulgar."

Having explained the situation to the higher-ups at Harper Creek made no difference however, who claimed that Wint had broken the rules in their teacher's handbook, specifically in relation to their rule that 'teachers are required to get advanced approval when discussing any form of reproductive health.'

Wint said: "I did not know about this policy, they were entirely within their right to remove me, however I was not aware of this policy beforehand; if I had known about this policy, I would have never done it without approval."

When interviewed by the Detroit Free Press, she stated: “Imagine walking into a gallery when [O’Keefe] was first showing her pieces, and thinking, ‘Am I actually seeing vaginas here, am I a pervert? I’m either a pervert or this woman was a pervert.’ ”

"I honestly had no words, because I've always been an advocate of not censoring art and music and writing."

Wint says that she harbours no ill will towards the school or the management, and will not be fighting the dismissal.