WATCH: Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as the NSA mole in the first trailer for 'Snowden'

The film is directed by Oscar-winner Oliver Stone

Snowden, Edward, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, NSA, Shailene Woodley, Nicholas Cage, Melissa Leo, Tom Wilkinson,

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Edward Snowden in 'Snowden' [Facebook]

The first trailer has been released for the Oliver Stone-directed thriller Snowden, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt starring as the former NSA contractor who leaked secrets to the world’s media. Set for a September release, the film also features Shailene Woodley as Lindsay Mills, his girlfriend, and Zachary Quinto as Glenn Greenwald.

A teaser for the film debuted last year, but this is the first look at Stone’s version of the Snowden story, with the results looking like a somewhat formulaic spy thriller with Levitt nailing the world’s most infamous mole’s monotonous droning voice.

The cast also includes Oscar-winners Nicholas Cage and Melissa Leo, as well as Tom Wilkinson, Timothy Olyphant, and Rhys Ifans. You can watch the trailer in full below – just be warned that it’s probably also watching you back.

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