WATCH: John Cusack and Stephen King want you to be scared of your mobile phone in "Cell"

Samuel L Jackson co-stars in the big screen adaptation of the 2006 novel

Back in 2006, Stephen King released his 1,578th novel (educated guess) Cell, which told the story of a virus being spread via mobile phones that turns people into mindless zombies.

Jump to ten years later, and that technological subtext is even more cutting and topical than ever, which is why the movie adaptation of the book feels more timely than ever.

Although, technically, the movie wouldn't like us to call them zomibes, it's clear where the inspiration for these monsters are coming from.

John Cusack plays the dad who is trying to get across the zomb- sorry, monster infested America to find his son, while Samuel L Jackson carries a shotgun and is more than a little trigger happy. Fun fact: Cusack and Jackson have previously worked together on King adaptation 1408 (which was only okay).

From the director of Paranormal Activity 2 and the writer of the remake of The Last House On The Left, there is a lot of horror pedigree behind the camera, too.

Cell is released in the US in July, with no set release for Irish cinemas confirmed just yet.