Status of abortion in Ireland "an excellent medical tradition" - Senator Ronan Mullen

Mullen is set to be re-elected to the NUI panel

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Senator Ronan Mullen at the launch of the 'No to the 30th' Constitution amendment campaign in 2011 | Image:

Senator Ronan Mullen has said the status of abortion in Ireland is "an excellent medical tradition".

The senator is set to be re-elected on the NUI panel. He received more than 20% of the first preference votes.

The senator ran his campaign on a ticket of a politician "who stands up for the voiceless and vulnerable in our society".

"There is an increasing appetite for change in Irish politics", he says.

Senator Mullen was a strong advocate for a 'No' vote in the marriage equality referendum last year.

He claimed that if the referendum was passed, it would have undermined children's rights.

While speaking on Newstalk Lunchtime today, Senator Mullen said abortions here must be illegal.

"I've always never, ever make women the focus of the criminal law - women in that situation need to be supported", he said.

"But to make doctors and other people act ethically, the law should always support - a bit like with infanticide - it's criminal but the law reflects mercy towards the people who are actually victims, but it targets those who are perpetrators".

"Abortion should be a crime, but the target - like has always been - should be those who provide abortion".

Asked if he would campaign for reform of the law, he replied: "I'm willing to pay more taxes so that women get the kind of supports they deserve".

"The law should be changed, but it should be changed in different ways - it should be changed to increase the protection for what has been an excellent medical tradition in Ireland", he added.