The best and worst jobs of 2016 revealed

Would you be happier as a DJ or a mathematician?

The best and worst jobs of 2016 revealed

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The numbers are in and it's good news for those who love to crunch them – jobs dealing with mathematics dominate the top 10 of Careercast's 'Best Jobs of 2016'.

According to factors such as income, stress and future prospects, the best job you can possibly have is...

Data scientist.

With a jobs rated score of 91, annual median salary of $128,240 and a growth outlook of 16%, it was singled out as not only a high-growth job, but the most lucrative tracked.

Keeping the numbers game high, statistician was ranked second, mathematician was sixth and actuary rounded off the top 10.

With cloud computing growing along with concerns over our digital privacy, the position of information security analyst is an important one and the third best gig you can have in 2016.
Medical science, unsurprisingly, remains a good route to take. Audiologist, at number four, is one of the highest growth fields. Meanwhile diagnostic medical sonographers completed the top five.
Software engineers were seventh, computer systems analysts were eight and speech pathologists came in ninth.

On, then, to the worst jobs...

As you can imagine, traditional news media is the sector taking a particularly hard hit.

For the third straight year, being a newspaper reporter is the worst job you can have.

The "top 10" of the worst jobs around doesn't feature refuse collectors or waiters, but the logging industry is in trouble and DJs are underpaid. Here it is, in descending order of awfulness...

10. Firefighter
9. Taxi Driver
8. Advertising Sales Person
7. Retail Salesperson
6. Pest Control Worker
5. Enlisted Military Personnel
4. Disc Jockey
3. Broadcaster
2. Logger
1. Newspaper reporter

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