WATCH: Kildare girl can't cope with the job description on this Census form

We haven't laughed this heartily since Roberrr and his struggles with 'Cad as tú?'

Hotel pe-tianist = some form of job in a hotel. Or at least that's what this Kildare gal suspected before hitting up Google to find out more.

So we all filled out our Census forms didn't we? 

Well there was one family in Kildare who most certainly fulfilled their Census obligations with one member of the family, who goes by the name of Laura, getting a bit confused by the example job title typed in to every form.

It is quite clearly 'Hotel Receptionist' but Laura managed to decipher it differntly. In this hillarious video, she blurts out everything from 'Pianist' to 'Pe-tianist' and all things in between. She even goes to the refuge of a Google search to prove her guesses are on point.

She saw the light in the end though.