Beyoncé releases 'surprise' new album Lemonade

The new album is the latest high profile album to premiere on streaming service Tidal

Beyoncé has released a 'secret' new album Lemonade ahead of her upcoming world tour.

The 'visual album' Lemonade had its premiere on HBO last night, putting an end to the mystery surrounding the project.

The video element of the project included images of women holding photos of black men - including Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown - who have been killed in the US.

The new album was then released exclusively on Tidal - Beyoncé following on from the likes of Kanye West and Rihanna in launching her new work on the streaming service.

Lemonade is likely to be available on other services in the coming weeks, with even West's Life of Pablo now on the likes of Spotify despite the outspoken rapper's claims that it would remain a Tidal exclusive.

Beyoncé's new album - her sixth - features appearances from the likes of Jack White and Kendrick Lamar, and also includes the previously released single Formation.