What does the future hold for the professions?

A look at what the rise of technology means for the professional class

What does the future hold for the professions?

A child sits on a doctors lap, by National Cancer Institute 1985

The ongoing revolution in robotics has cost thousands of jobs as more and more roles become automated. This change has long been restricted to labour and manufacturing. With their reliance on observance, interaction, and interpretation many people assumed the professions would be immune to technology's march.

In their new book, The Future of the Professions, father and son duo, Richard and Daniell Susskind, make the case that the future is far from safe for professionals. Talking with Talking Book's host Susan Cahill they argue that we are already seeing technology and the internet creeping into the territory of lawyers, judges, and doctors.

How will these professions look in 20 years time? Will they survive the march of progress and invention?

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