MTV Cribs is coming back via Snapchat

The early noughties hit show is making the most of the new medium

Running from 2000 to 2011, MTV Cribs was one of those shows that will represent nothing more than a nostalgia fest for that particularly decade, when MTV seemed to ditch the M and focus just on the TV part.

That being said, there was something particularly addictive about the show. Not only did we get to see inside the big, beautiful, seemingly impossibly large homes of the rich and famous, but we technically got to see these celebrities in their "natural environment".

Remember the time Mariah Carey worked out in high heels in her home gym while she looked "at New York, and things of that nature"... (skip to 09.55)

Or the time Ja Rule featured on the show...

... only for it turn out that this wasn't his home, he had only rented it for the weekend, and the actual owner then sued MTV for showing the home without their permission. Plus it had Vin Diesel just hanging out.

You can't write comedy like that.

Well, here's hoping that it can return to that kind of insanity, now that MTV have announced that the show will be getting relaunched ... on Snapchat!

The lack of professional camera crews and editing (we're guessing?) should lead to some very interesting insights when the show is set to premiere on the app this June, with the first two stars said to be rapper Mac Miller and singer Austin Mahone.

This isn't the first time a broadcaster has used an app for the medium of a show - Cartoon Network once premiered an entire episode of Rick & Morty on Instagram, one fifteen-second video at a time - but never has it appeared to be such a perfect marriage of show and medium as this.

Keep an eye on the MTV Snapchat feed, or perhaps they'll introduce a new MTV Cribs account in the near future, for more updates.