City Council considers increase in Dublin Bikes subscription fee

There are reports an increase of as much as 50% could be coming

Dublin Bikes, increase, subscription fee, Dublin City Council, Planning Strategic Policy Committee

Dublin City Bikes at a station in the city | Image:

Dublin City Council is to consider increasing the subscription fee for Dublin Bikes.

A report on the scheme is going before the next meeting of the Planning Strategic Policy Committee, which is due happen on Tuesday, April 26th.

The council confirmed to there are a number of proposals in the report to be considered, including "a possible increase in charges".

However, it says it cannot comment on anything proposed in the reports ahead of the meeting.

An annual subscription currently costs €20.

But an increase as high as 50% is being cited by the Irish Times.

The paper says the council "wants to increase it to €25 this year and €30 next year, a threefold increase on the original charge, or 50% greater than the current subscription".

The Dublin Bikes scheme is estimated to cost some €1.9m a year to run.

This is met through a combination of annual subscribers, short-term memberships, usage fees and corporate sponsorships.