"What do I do if...?" - Your Census 2016 questions answered

Everyone in the country must fill out a census form this Sunday

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Image: census.ie

The 2016 Census is taking place this Sunday April 24th.

Everybody present in the country that night is legally required to be included in the census.

A form delivered to each household caters for up to six people.

There are 35 questions on the form, which must be answered in respect of each individual who is present in that household.

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has said that homeless people will also be included on the census.

The CSO said its clarification followed comments "suggesting that homeless people will not be enumerated in Census 2016".

"Every person in Ireland must be included on a census form on Sunday, 24 April. This includes homeless people", it said.

The director-general of the CSO, Pádraig Dalton, is reminding people they must fill out the forms.

And speaking to the Pat Kenny Show here on Newstalk, he answered some of your questions.