Here's Twitter's reaction to the first episode of the Irish "First Dates"

Irish audiences made the Twitter feed almost as fun to watch as the show itself

The first episode of Ireland's version of First Dates aired on RTE2 at 9.30pm on Thursday night, and as can be expected by Irish audience viewers, Twitter was alight with opinions.

One of the first dates, James, expressed a ... 'unique' love of letters, which was picked up on almost immediately.

There was also a specific word that came up. A lot. 

 There was also the conversations surrounded "Doodle", and it's many, many potential subtextual definitions:

 Then there was the poor girl who got stood up... on national television:

And the host of the restaurant also got his fair share of admirers...

All in all though, perhaps one tweet seemed to perfectly encapsulate the overall emotion felt...

Perhaps watching people meet and date for the first time ever, on national television, that's the best we could hope for. Bring on Episode Two!