Enya, U2 and Van Morrison feature in Sunday Times Music Rich List

British singer Adele is closing the gap with Ireland's wealthiest female performer

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This file photo shows singer Enya posing in New York to promote her album 'Dark Sky Island' | Image: Drew Gurian / AP/Press Association Images

U2, Michael Flatley, Enya and Van Morrison all feature in the Sunday Times Music Millionaires Rich List.

British singer Adele, who has added €45m to her personal fortune in a year, tops the list of performers aged 30 and under.

The 27-year-old singer is now worth €109m, and rises to 30th place in the overall list of the wealthiest of performers and composers in Ireland and Britain.

She is now hard on the heels of Ireland's wealthiest female performer, Enya, who is worth €117m - up just €1m on 2015.

While Niall Horan and One Direction do not make the Top 50, they are the third wealthiest in the under-30s category.

Source: Sunday Times

U2 was the highest-grossing rock act last year, selling 1.29m tickets worth €85m for 76 concerts.

The Rolling Stones – Mick Jagger, worth €301m; Keith Richards, €282m; Charlie Watts, €154m; and Ronnie Wood, €71m - are the wealthiest band in Ireland and Britain with combined fortunes of €808m - up €52m on 2015.

The Music Rich List is headed by Paul McCartney, who with his wife Nancy Shevell, shares a joint fortune of €974m - up €38m on last year.

American-born Shevell has a €192m stake in her father's New England Motor Freight trucking operation.

International DJ Calvin Harris - who writes, sings, records, remixes and produces his own music - has seen his personal wealth leap by €32m in a year to rank him at 27 in the Top 50, worth €122m.

David Bowie's widow and his filmmaker son by his first marriage to Angie - Iman Abdulmajid and Duncan Jones - join this year's list with a joint family fortune of €115m.

This is based on the €90m from Bowie's will, their own wealth and royalties from the chart success of Bowie's music after his death.

Source: Sunday Times