Evening Top 5: Leo defends mental health funding; McGregor takes on the UFC; and attack of the giant rats

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Leo Varadkar insists mental health services will still be funded to the tune of almost €792million this year.

Earlier today the Health Minister had confirmed that some of the €35million increase in funding for mental health services this year will be moved to other areas but will be transferred back in 2017.

He says it's because the money was earmarked for 1,500 extra staff, and not all those could be hired on January 1st.

Continental Europeans fear Brexit more than British

A Brexit survey of five European nations has shown that countries on the continent are more concerned about Britain leaving the European Union than United Kingdom residents.

TNS found that 78% of Germans, over two-thirds of Spaniards and nearly six out of 10 French people want the UK to remain in the EU.

These figures were far higher than British results, with a mere 38% of Britons favouring a 'No' vote.

CSO advised people to fulfill their legal obligation to fill in the census

This Sunday is census night, and the Central Statistics Office says that everyone is legally bound to fill out the form, which will only be used for compiling statistical tables.

Following the 2011 census, they took five successful prosecutions against people for refusing to fill out the census.

Hunt for giant rats in Dublin housing estate

LOCALS in a Dublin housing estate say their streets have been taken over by huge rats for almost a month.

On Monday residents at Kilcronan Court estate, near Clondalkin succeeded in killing one of the monster rodents with an axe, and displayed photos of it on social media to highlight the problem.


MMA experts outlined the reasons behind Conor McGregor's standoff with UFC

Ever since Conor McGregor suddenly tweeted that he intends to "retire young", feverish speculation has surrounded his future with the UFC.

The organisation's president Dana White reiterated tonight that the UFC featherweight champion was pulled from his UFC200 fight with Nate Diaz after turning down a requirement to take part in pre-fight promo, while also warning that the Dubliner risks having to vacate his featherweight belt.