McDonalds to introduce 'Unlimited Fries' and 'customisable burgers'

The new menu is being test-run in one U.S. state to start

Hungry for fries? Well, McDonalds are aiming to solve that little problem for you.

They are about to launch an "All You Can Eat" option of their fries, but unfortunately it's not happening in Ireland just yet.

The perk will be available at an outlet in Missouri in the US, before possibly being rolled out further.

It's a change from previous healthy campaigns which introduced wraps, salads and fruit to their menus.

Now they're launching 'McDonald's of the future' which will give you unlimited chips, as well as giving customers the option to customise their burgers or deserts.

A large order of McDonald's fries contains around 510 calories - a quarter of an adult's recommended daily intake - and 24 grams of fat.

The new branch of the fast-food outlet is also creating a "play place", which have built-in video-games on the table-tops where you're eating.