Addictive video-games may have negative impact on people with autism

Gaming and gambling industries are working together on these projects

Medical experts say they're concerned efforts to make computer games more addictive will have a negative impact on people with autism.

It's reported that some companies are hiring in staff from gambling companies to encourage gamers to spend more time playing.

It's estimated globally that every year up to six children out of every 1,000 will be diagnosed as having autism spectrum disorder.

Professor Tony Attwood a clinical psychologist who specialises in ASD says computer games pose particular difficulties for those on the spectrum:

"In autism, the biggest challenge is social communication. But what concerns me is that the current gaming industry is actually recruiting people in the gambling industry to making the games addictive."

"And if you've got some who's not keen on socialising, or not very good at it, then the temptation to be in those games is almost irresistible."