EXCLUSIVE: Interview with "Gogglepox" co-creator and actress Aoife Dooley

The comedy sketch just released it's second episode over the weekend

If you haven't watched the first episode of GogglePox, then you should check it out right now.

A 2-minute comedy sketch video based on the much loved Channel 4 show, it features two Dublin ladies sitting on a couch and commenting on The Jeremy Kyle Show, The Rubberbandits and more.

Having just released their second episode on Facebook over the weekend, the ladies behind GogglePox are suddenly about to get A LOT of attention. We sat down with Aoife Dooley, who co-created the sketch show and also plays Nikita, to chat about her newfound viral fame!

Hi Aoife, how're you today?

Heya! I'm as good as I can be on a Monday morning! Not too bad!

What exactly is your involvement with GogglePox?
I basically just come up with ideas for videos! And myself and Enya Martin would write down things we'd like in the video and we just have a laugh then.
Your videos are going somewhat viral lately. You must feel pretty great knowing you're making so many people laugh!
Yeah it's amazing, the both of us never expected the videos to go Viral so it was a really great feeling when they did! I've always liked making people laugh! I like seeing people happy! A few people have said I should try stand up! I'd love to maybe try that next too!
It can be sometimes difficult to explain to people why we love Gogglebox so much. What is it about watching people on TV watching TV that is so addictive?
I think for me it's the people's personalities that shine through! Each and every person is completely different! My personal favourite is Leon and June! But they're all hilarious that's why I watch it anyway! (laughs)

When it came to setting up a Dublin based version of Gogglebox, it could've been set in any number of fairly comedic scenarios. How did you come to land with Nikita & Chanto?
Basically, I work as a freelance illustrator and I had a few ideas for the page for some sketch videos and I had this GogglePox idea but didn't really know where to start as illustration is my thing. Then I came across Enya Martin's page 'Giz A Laugh' and asked her is she was interested in collaborating and making a few of these videos.
How much of the comedy is pre-written for Nikita & Chanto, how much is actual reactions to the shows that they're watching at the time? 
It's mostly improvised to be honest! There will be one or who things we think would be funny and the rest we just have a laugh watching the shows so pretty much exactly like GoggleBox. The more natural it is the better I think! 
Outside of GogglePox just looking at your body of work on your website, it's hugely impressive. What's the ultimate goal for Aoife Dooley??
My ultimate goal was to get a book deal as I've made a few of my own books and self published them! And I'm just after getting a book publishing deal quite recently! So that's a massive achievement for me as I've been working towards that ever since I made my first book when I was 12! Which is funnily enough similar to what I'm doing now! 
TV3 are planning their own Irish version of Gogglebox which is due out in the Autumn... If they asked you to, would you take part in it?
Absolutely! That would be whopper!