Gerry Adams says that Micheál Martin seems 'obsessed' with Sinn Féin

He also says that the Fianna Fáil supporters will be puzzled by their party leader's movements

Gerry Adams says that Micheál Martin seems 'obsessed' with Sinn Féin


While Micheál Martin says he and his party are committed to making a Fine Gael led minority government work, Gerry Adams contests that the Fianna Fáil leader is acting 'bizarrely.'

As the rival parties prepare to sit down for talks tomorrow morning, Sinn Féin's Gerry Adams predicts that Fianna Fáil supporters will be left puzzled by Micheál Martin's political movements.

"What is bizzare is that Micheal Martin said he wouldn't go into a partnership because he was mandated not to re-elect Enda Kenny but yet he's going to support Enda Kenny going back into a minority Government or perhpas a Government that has the supported of Labour or others. I think many many many FF supporters will be absolutely dumbfounded by these twists. political movements."

Adams also proffered a theory about why he thinks Micheal Martin has an obsession with the Sinn Féin party.

"What's also bizzarre is that he seems also seems obsessed about Sinn Fein. Not only does he mention us at every single occasion but it's clear that his refusal to enter  Government is a refusal that is brought about because he doesn't want Sinn Fein to be officially leading the opposition. I'm sure that by the time the Dáil does sit, people will be even more disappointed."