Micheál Martin: The old model of government and politics is broken and cannot continue

The Fianna Fail leader added that politics in Ireland "requires a much deeper engagement on substance"

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Image: RollingNews.ie

The leader of Fianna Fáil says the "old model of government and politics is broken and cannot continue".

Speaking at his party's annual commemoration of the Easter Rising in Arbour Hill in Dublin, Micheál Martin stated that different parties should be able to work together to form a government.

Martin also blamed the current crises in health and housing on the last government, which he said was the most stable majority in recent times.

Addressing the ongoing process of finding an agreement which would bring an end to Ireland's stretch of 50 days without a government, Martin stated that complete control over the Oireachtas by one party was not viable.

"The idea that you can only govern if you can control everything that happens in the Oireachtas is completely discredited," said Martin. "We need a politics which respects important differences between parties and groups and requires a much deeper engagement on substance".

"This works well in many countries and it can work here if people are willing to try".