Morning top 5: 140 killed in Ethiopia and powerful earthquake kills 41 in Ecuador

The top stories this Sunday morning...

At least 41 people have died after a powerful earthquake struck northwest Ecuador.

Officials say the quake, which measured 7.8 in magnitude, has caused "considerable damage".

A tsunami warning has also been issued in neighbouring Peru.

The country's vice president Jorge Glas, declared a state of emergency and says that, while the "the entire public force is in a state of maximum alert", the death toll is likely to rise.


Thousands of people in Japan have spent the night outdoors in temporary shelters after two powerful earthquakes struck the south west of the country.

Nearly a quarter of a million people were told to evacuate their homes over fears heavy rain could trigger landslides and cause further damage.

More than 40 people have been killed in the earthquakes which began on Thursday.


Police in the US say a four-year-old girl's been shot dead by her five-year-old sibling in Philadelphia.

Officers are looking for the boyfriend of the children's mother following the shooting yesterday afternoon.

He's believed to have owned the gun that was used.


Armed men have killed 140 people in Ethiopia

Officials in Ethiopia say that gunmen went on the rampage in the Gambela region, killing 140 people and abducting 39 children near the border with South Sudan. 

According to the BBC, Communications Minister Getachew Reda said that security forces have chased the attackers, who they believe to be part of South Sudan's Murle tribe, and have killed 60 so far.


An Independent TD has expressed his anger at the fact that the Government Formation talks have been suspended until Monday.

Kerry deputy Michael Healy Rae became animated after negotiations aimed at forming a Government were stalled again on Friday.

Yesterday there was speculation that Labour is considering another coalition with Fine Gael - as part of a minority government.

However, Michael Healy Rae says that this isn't what the electorate want, over 50 days after they voted.