Find out what 'The Donald' thinks of you with your Free Trump Score

A new website finally lets you find out what the presidential candidate might say if you met him

Donald Trump, United States, Mexico,

Image: Chris O'Meara / AP/Press Association Images

If you've been watching the strange series of events unfolding on the GOP side of the presidential nomination process, then you will no doubt have noticed Donald Trump. 

It's hard to miss the New York businessman really, as he is currently the front-runner for the nomination and has been making waves in the media with many of his views and policies. 

With millions of Twitter followers, he almost always manages to get the last word too, often tweeting what he thinks of opponents, media outlets and reporters, most of the time saying that they're "very bad people", or something similar. 

If you have ever been left wondering what Mr Trump might think of you after seeing one of those tweets, then wonder no more, as a new website will crunch the numbers and data and issue you with a Trump report card for free.

The questions asked in order to determine your Trump Score include ethnicity, gender and income, as well as the size of your hands.

The website also includes a look at your fate in a Trump presidency, and compares you to some of the other people who are backers of the Trump campaign...and those who aren't.

Of course, you could also visit, and blow a trumpet in the candidate's face. This is what the internet was invented for...

Via Mashable