Woman who previously killed her daughter jailed for 13 years for killing son in England

Her husband 'wishes her well' after admitting to the crime

Woman who previously killed her daughter jailed for 13 years for killing son in England

J. Scott Applewhite / AP/Press Association Images

A woman in England who was already in jail for killing her daughter, has been sentenced to 13 years in prison after admitting she murdered her baby son.

The woman, who is in her 30's, smothered her seven-month old son in his cot in 2003, six months before the woman's three-year-old daughter died in similar circumstances in 2004.

While serving a seven-year manslaughter sentence for the death of her daughter, the mother admitted to prison staff in 2014 that she also killed her son.

Prior to her confession, the boy's death was not being treated as suspicious and was put down to pneumonia.

A court heard how she was 'riddled with guilt' when she pleaded guilty to murder. She was jailed for a minimum of 13 years. It was also revealed that she was experiencing 'flashbacks and nightmares.'

In a written confession, she said:

"I remember the day very clearly, the time I put Harley back to bed at 9am, after I had given him his breakfast. I was settling him down in his cot. I put him on his tummy and put his dummy in."

"But then something clicked in my head and I went back into the room walked over to his cot and pushed his face into the mattress until he stopped breathing."

"And then I put his head to the side and noticed there was blood and foam coming out of his nose. That's when I knew I had hurt him and I don't know why I had done it. Her husband is in the process of divorcing her but says he has forgiven her and "wishes her well in future".

Sentencing her, the judge said:

"The reality is, had you not confessed to killing Harley whilst in custody, it is highly likely there would not have been a police investigation into his death and you would not have faced prosecution for murder."