Hillwalker injured on Wicklow Way awarded €40,000 damages

The hill walker suffered a cut on her knee which required stitches

Hillwalker injured on Wicklow Way awarded €40,000 damages

Image: RollingNews.ie

An experienced hill walker who suffered an injury on the Wicklow Way was awarded €40,000 damages against the National Parks and Wildlife Services.

Walker Ms Teresa Wall sustained a cut to her right knee after being on the Wicklow Way in 2013, which required seven stitches. As a result of her injuries, she can no longer hill climb or run marathons, an activity she engaged with on a weekly basis.

It transpired during the hearing, that Ms Teresa Wall was directed by signs on the Wicklow Way, to use a boardwalk consisting of second hand wooden railway sleepers that were badly rotted with protruding staples loosely holding down chicken wire. 

Judge Jacqueline Linnane made the above conclusion based on photographic evidence brought before the court.

The Judge added that due care had not been undertaken to ensure that the boardwalk was in a safe condition, and that this failure was responsible for the client's injuries. She also said there had been no contributory negligence on Ms Wall’s part.

Barrister Kevin D’Arcy, who appeared with Erika Fagan for the State Claims Agency, had earlier told the court that although there had been hundreds of falls over the years by walkers in the country’s various national parks – many resulting in broken bones – Ms Wall’s was the first in which the service had been sued for negligence and breach of duty.

She awarded Ms Wall €40,000 damages together with her legal costs but granted a stay on the decree and costs order to facilitate consideration of an appeal to the High Court.