Memorial mass to be held for Karen Buckley in Cork

Today marks one year since she was killed in Glasgow

Karen Buckley, Cork, memorial mass, Glasgow, Alexander Pacteau

Karen Buckley is photographed before she went missing | Image:

A memorial mass will be held in Cork today to mark one year since Karen Buckley was murdered.

The young nurse had been on a night out with friends in Glasgow when she went missing.

A massive investigation, which gained global attention, was launched and Ms Buckley was found dead four days later.

Alexander Pacteau is serving a life sentence for her murder.

Prayers will be said at the Church of Analeentha in Cork this evening.

A vigil was also held in Glasgow on Wednesday to mark one year since she was murdered in the city.

Ms Buckley had been attending Glasgow Caledonian University when she was killed.

Former classmates and teachers gathered to remember the 24-year-old nurse, who went missing in the early hours of April 12th.