British man wins extensive legal battle to have his name changed to Buzz Lightyear

Now he can legally go to infinity and beyond

A man in the UK who changed his name to Buzz Lightyear for charity, has just won a year-long battle to have a driving license with the Toy Story figure's name.

Mr Lightyear - formerly Sam Stephens - changed his name by deed poll to raise money for a cancer charity for children and young people.

Officials previously claimed his name could bring the agency into disrepute, as Buzz Lightyear was a "fictional character". The 27-year-old, appealed the decision and was issued with a new licence in the name of Buzz Lightyear two weeks ago.

The successful Mr Lightyear said:

"I was disappointed when I submitted my application and they said I couldn't have a license in that name. I had two appeal letters turned down and no-one was listening to me so it feels like a victory for me for taking on this big company."

"The official reason given by the DVLA was that because it was a fictional character it would bring the company into disrepute if I went abroad. I said it wasn't their decision, it is my name by deed poll - it is not up to them to accept or reject that."

"There are plenty of Harry Potters in the world so they had no right to tell me I couldn't have a driving licence in this name."