Happy Birthday Copper Face Jacks - 20 years young today

Off The Ball will be broadcasting from the popular spot tonight before the celebrations commence

Today we mark the 20th anniversary of an iconic institution in our country. 

Whether you're Dublin born and bred, a GAA fan up for the All-Ireland final, or a student from beyond the pale who made Coppers their adopted haunt throughout their college days - Coppers is the cornerstone of any social night out in the big smoke.

It really is a unique place of social engagement. If you're looking for a night out in a place where separation from your friends is almost guaranteed, Coppers, with its multiple levels and hidden doorways, is the obvious choice. And where else in the world would we hear nightly renditions of Bewitched, Backstreet boys and Westlife classics.

Instead of hearing the standard Amhrán na bhFiann ditty at the end of the night, Maniac 2000 is the unofficial national anthem of Coppers and if you don't hop it over to Babylon at the end of the night for the after-party, please repent now for the preserve of your soul. 

Happy Birthday Coppers, you know you've made it when you get an endorsement from this chap.

Also, don't forget to tune in to Off The Ball tonight from 7pm, where the boys will be broadcasting live from Coppers ahead of a performance from Damien Dempsey.