WATCH: "I pushed myself into a dark corner, a corner that had one way out" - Brave Dublin man opens up about depression

This short video is well worth a watch

This touching video will leave you with a greater understanding of how depression can impact on a person.

Doug Leddin took to Facebook this week, to address something he has suffered from, for the best part of a decade. In a film lasting justover four minutes, the 27-year-old from Dublin, manages to encapsulate all the pain, suffering and anguish that can inhibit a person battling depression.

He tackles the difficulties that come with trying to convey a positive persona while privately struggling to find the motivation to face another day of disillusionment.

His story of recovery, also offers hope to those still inhibited by their own inner demons.

Ultimately, the objective of Doug's social media post, is to provoke people to talk openly about depression and obliterate the stigmas surrounding the discussion.

Doug candidly says:

"Depression is so well documented but yet it's just not discussed. We feel that if we just push it into a corner that it will go away, and that's not gonna help, you or me or the millions of other people who suffer through this in silence. The first step to solving a problem, is admitting there is one, so how can we expect to find an answer, when we're still afraid of the question?"

"Please speak up and talk to your friends or family."