Snoop Dogg calls Arnold Schwarzenegger racist - amongst other things, on Instagram

The former Governor commuted the sentence of a man who stabbed a student to death on his last day in office...who also happened to be the son of a political ally.

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Arnie in the Dogg House

Snoop Dogg just dropped it like it's hot all over former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in a profanity laced Instagram post.

The source of his ire was the early release of Esteban Nunez (27) from jail this past Sunday after serving less than six years of a 16-year sentence for the murder of college student Luis Santos (22)

Calling the Predator star 'a straight bitch', 'a Punk motherf*cker' and 'a racist piece of sh*t', Snoop Dog slammed Schwarzenegger's decision to release Nunez on his final day in office.

The 'Peaches N Cream' rapper said he showed no such clemency for Stanley “Tookie” Williams, in 2005, despite the fact that the founder of the Crips had turned his life around and become a vocal opponent to gang culture, even getting nominated for the Nobel Prize.

The Daily Mail also reports that the victims family were not informed of the release of their son's killer and that the Court of Appeal ruled that the Hollywood star's decision to free Nunez early could be seen as 'grossly unjust'. Another judge called it 'repugnant, but legal'.

Making matters worse, Nunez is the son of a close political ally of The Terminator, Fabian Nunez, who told the LA Times that he used his 'relationship with the governor to help my own son' and said that he would 'do it again'.

Schwarzenegger has justified his actions to the LA Times by saying that Nunez should have received a lighter sentence than co-defendant Ryan Jett, because Jett had a prior record and Nunez did not.

But Snoop Dog is refusing to back down, accusing the former Mr Shriver of displaying 'white privilege' and saying - "'I ain't changing s***. How dare you think I'm goina take this post down. You don't scare me n*****'.