The blue screen of death becomes helpful

No Windows user ever wants to see this screen

It's the sight Windows users dread to see; the Blue Screen of Death. If you're lucky enough to never have faced it, this is what it looks like:

This screen usually appears when the entire system crashes and is a huge cause of worry. Most people, however, stare back at this screen blankly, unsure what to do about it. 

A user on Reddit posted an image of a new "Black Screen of Death" which appeared on a Windows 10 device. Aside from the usual message which informs the user that the "PC ran into a problem", there's now a QR code which the user can scan to learn more about the issue. 

Scanning this QR code brings users to a pages on Microsoft's site explaining the various causes for the Blue Screen. 

This informs the user of possible fixes and saves them from entering "what does the blue screen mean?" into Google (we've all been there).