Illumibowl: The nightlight for your toilet

Innovators are solving problems you don't even realise you have

Technology is making huge leaps at an incredible pace these days. It's helping solve issues big and small but the one that has caught our attention today is the issue of peeing in the dark. 

Unless you live on your own, chances are you've crept to the bathroom in the middle of the night and tried to cause as little disturbance for your housemates or partner as possible. This could often include reliving oneself in the dark. The great, innovative minds working in technology today have taken this issue on and solved it. 

The Illumibowl is a bathroom nightlight that attaches to the toilet. The motion-activated light only turns on when one walks into the bathroom during the night. 

The device clips to the underside of the toilet seats and fits any kind of toilet. Users can opt for a single colour or colour rotate. 

This started out as a Kickstarter campaign and is now available at for £19.99.