Members of 32nd Dáil have earned €1.4m since their first sitting

The new Dáil has only met on three occasions since the general election, having failed to elect a Taoiseach

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TDs and ministers have collectively earned more than €1.4 million over the last month despite the continued failure to form a government.

A live countdown clock on the Kildare Street website is keeping track of the salaries earned by politicians "to not do their jobs" since March 10th - the date when the 32nd Dáil first met and failed to elect a Taoiseach.

The 'live' number - which has already ticked past the €1.4 million mark - does not include expenses or the cost of TDs' staff.

The 158 Irish TDs each earn an annual salary of €87,258 - leading to a monthly bill to the taxpayer of more than €1.1 million.

However, there are also additional salaried allowances for the Taoiseach, Tánaiste, ministers, ministers of state and Ceann Comhairle. Ministers, for example, earn an additional €5856 a month, while the Taoiseach enjoys an extra monthly allowance of €8174.

A number of former TDs who lost their seats in February's election also continue to be eligible for their ministerial allowances until the formation of a new government.

You can find full details of salaries and allowances here.

The new Dáil has only met on three occasions since the general election. They will gather on Thursday to again attempt to vote for a new Taoiseach.

Talks between Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil on how to proceed with a minority government will continue today after what was described as a 'constructive and cordial' meeting last night.