Donald Trump's children fail to register for voting in New York primary

Neither Eric or Ivanka Trump registered with the GOP in time to be included in the voting in New York

Donald Trump, Wisconsin, Primaries

Image: Jim Mone / AP/Press Association Images

Donald Trump is currently forecast to do very well in the New York primary which takes place on April 19th, and will more than likely romp to victory in his home state.

The New York businessman, who hails from Queens, is being projected by stats website FiveThirtyEight to have at least a 99% chance of winning in New York. 

However, there are two people who definitely won't be able to vote for him on the day: his children Eric and Ivanka. 

Speaking on Monday in an interview with Fox News, Trump conceded that neither his son or his daughter had registered with the Republican party by the March 25th deadline in order to be able to vote for their dad next week. 

"They were unaware of the rules and they didn't register in time," said Trump. "So they feel very, very guilty. They feel very guilty but it's fine", and joked that he would be cutting off their allowance as a result.

Trump also criticised the system that allowed Ted Cruz to claim a win in Colorado without there being a formal vote, stating that voters there were getting a "crooked deal".

In August, the GOP changed the rules to opt out of the presidential preference voting process, and instead chose to have delegates support the candidate who wins the caucus vote. As a result, Cruz claimed 37 delegates in the state, with Trump taking to Twitter to claim that the people of Colorado had their votes taken away.

"Honestly I see it with Bernie too," said Trump. "I've gotten millions more votes, millions, not just a couple, millions more votes than Cruz and hundreds of delgates more and we keep fighting, fighting, fighting. And then you have Colorado where they just get all of these delegates and it's not a system"

When it was put to him that the rules have been in place and that his campaign would have been aware of that, he responded saying "well that shouldn’t be the way it is. This was changed in the summer to help a guy like Cruz, and it’s not right now."

Via NBC News