Dublin City Council posts images of people dumping rubbish illegally

The council say they have plans to rollout the scheme elsewhere

Dublin City Council, CCTV, images, rubbish, dumping,  Killarney Street, Frankfort Cottages, John McPartlin

Image via @CiaranCuffe on Twitter

Dublin City Council has posted images of people dumping their rubbish at a litter blackspot in the city.

The montage is on the wall of a house on Killarney Street at Frankfort Cottages.

The CCTV stills show several people dropping off their bags.

Image: Google Earth

Public domain officer with Dublin City Council, John McPartlin, says people featured have asked for the image to be taken down.

"Within a couple of hours we had someone in at the counter in the local area office...asking for the image to be taken down because the neighbours would see it", he told Newstalk Breakfast.

"Our aim here is to stop the dumping at this location, and hopefully we'll achieve that".

Mr McPartlin says they have plans to rollout the scheme in other locations nearby.