WATCH: Boris Johnson avoids question on whether offshore investing is morally wrong

Boris Johnson was asked by Channel 4 News about his views on the Panama Papers scandal

Boris Johnson, Panama Papers,

Image: Channel 4 News/Twitter

With Prime Minister David Cameron coming under increasing pressure, Boris Johnson has also found himself being asked questions on the Panama Papers.

The Mayor of London, who has been a proponent of the Brexit campaign in opposition to party leader David Cameron, was asked by Channel 4 News about his views on offshore investments. 

The questions have been raised after David Cameron's admission that he owned, sold and made a profit on shares held in a controversial fund before he became British Prime Minister. 

Johnson avoids answering the questions, preferrring to state instead that it would depend on what one was doing when investing, and telling reporter Cathy Newman to ask the same of the "blooming left-wing media".