Friday Download: Do you want to know how many times you check your phone a day?

Here's some apps that will help you break your digital addiction

Are you a tech-addict? How many times would you check your phone a day? You may be appalled to learn just how many times you pick up and unlock your device everyday. There's a number of apps that will help you keep track of your usage and encourage to kick the habit. 


This app is brilliant and terrifying. It simply keeps a count of how many times a user unlocks their phone in a day. You may do this around 30 times a day. If, however, you're a heavy users like me, you will be appalled to learn that this number could be as high as 300. Once you know this number, you can then work to reduce it.


This app is designed to try and encourage users to work, uninterrupted by their phones. Users can decide how long they want to aim to be phoneless for and thus a tree will begin to grow. If you reach your entire goal you'll be rewarded with a forest. If not, you'll be met with this: