Leading US bankers ramp up pressure on Seán Quinn to condemn violent attacks

It is believed that Sean Quinn has a strong desire to regain his ownership of QIHL

US bankers who purchased the bankrupt businesses of Seán Quinn, are demanding that the former billionaire speak out against an escalating campaign of violence and intimidation.

Numerous attacks and vandalism at his former premises along the border, have prompted the Gardai and the PSNI to carry out investigations.

Mr Quinn's companies, situated in Cavan and Fermanagh, are now under the control of three investment funds Brigade Capital, Contrarian Capital and Silver Point Capital. They said that the persistence of the attacks could ''adversely impact our willingness to continue to invest and grow.”

These comments come one month after stating in an email to Quinn Industrial Holdings Limited, that they would not be intimidated by the violence.

It is understood that the businessman is currently trying to regain ownership of QIHL. The US hedge funds however, have made it clear that they have "no appetite for Seán’s role expanding beyond the advisory relationship already in place." His advisory role at the moment entitles him to a salary of €500,000.

They went on to caution in an email that Quinn has significant ground to cover if he wants to recapture their trust and "become bankable in the finance community again."