Michaella McCollum to take legal action against newspaper over "intimidation"

Her lawyers say she was not paid for an interview with RTÉ

Michaella McCollum, legal proceedings, newspaper, Peru, RTE, interview, KRW Law

Michaella McCollum during her RTÉ interview | Image: RTÉ

Lawyers for the family of Michaella McCollum say they will issue legal proceedings against an Irish daily newspaper.

KRW Law says members of staff from the paper subjected Michaella and her family to "harassment and intimidation" as they tried to get into a taxi on Sunday.

They also confirmed that Ms McCollum, who was recently released from prison in Peru, was not paid for an interview she gave to RTÉ.

"On Sunday night she participated in a broadcast with RTÉ and gave her first interview since release", her lawyers say in a statement.

"There was no payment made to her to do so", it adds.

But the statement adds that "In the circumstances both she and her family take the view that taking part in further interviews will not serve any purpose at this stage".

Ms McCollum served two years and three months in jail, and was released under a newly-introduced parole scheme for foreign nationals.

The 23-year-old was holidaying in Ibiza in 2013 when she disappeared, before turning up a week and a half later in Lima Airport where she was arrested.

She was convicted of trying to smuggle cocaine worth €1.8m to Spain.