WATCH: Daniel Radcliffe has a blast as flatulent corpse in 'Swiss Army Man' trailer

Not silent, but deadly-looking, the film was a hit at this year's Sundance Film Festival

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Daniel Radcliffe as Manny, with co-star Paul Dano as Hank, in 'Swiss Army Man' [Sundance]

In what was arguably the most headline-grabbing performance at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the first trailer has emerged for Swiss Army Man, the movie in which former child star Daniel Radcliffe plays a flatulent corpse washed up on a desert island.

Co-starring Paul Dano, the American actor most recently seen in the BBC’s lavish production of War & Peace, Swiss Army Man took the ‘Directing Award’ at the festival, with Daniels Kwan and Scheinert’s breakout film set to turn them into the newest darlings of the indie scene. The duo is best known for directing a number of music videos for the likes of Passion Pit, The Shins and Chromeo.

In this film, which the Daniels also wrote, Radcliffe's Manny appears on the shore of the remote island where Dano’s Hank has been eking out an existence. Suddenly, the gas-filled corpse becomes useful in a host of ways, fro, water jug to air cannon. The absurdist farce is set for a summertime release, and promises to be the most bizarre film you’ll see in cinemas this year:

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