Man lay dead for two days before body was discovered by a neighbour

A health and safety investigation is currently underway

Man lay dead for two days before body was discovered by a neighbour

Paul Faith / PA Archive/Press Association Images

The body of a man, who died as a result of a fall, was not discovered for up to two days after the incident.

A neighbour discovered the remains of Dennis Rodgers (43) late on Wednesday night, at the rear of the house he was renting. It is believed that he fell into a hole two days earlier, on Monday night.

It is understood that construction work had been taking place in that area at the rear of the house, and that a health and safety investigation currently underway in relation to the incident.

Speaking after the tragedy, his younger brother Darren explained:

"Monday night was very cold and the house that Dennis rented had run out of oil. He had walked to the local filling station and brought back a jar of oil to keep him going. There was some construction work going on in the back yard and Dennis was trying to empty the oil into the tank.''

"It looks like he slipped and fell into a deep hole in the yard, hitting his head on the concrete.Dennis was a big lad at six feet tall and must have hit the concrete hard. The last calls on his phone were on Monday evening so sadly he lay in the hole from then until he was found late on Wednesday evening by his neighbour.

"The family want to find out exactly what happened."

The funeral service for Mr Rodgers took place earlier today.