Theme park bans screaming on its new flagship roller coaster

The Big Sheep in Devon has made a strange request of its customers

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Image: Jens Meyer / AP/Press Association Images

A new rollercoaster in England is garnering plenty of attention online after a rather strange request was made for those who wanted to experience the thrill. 

The rollercoaster, known as "The Big One" at The Big Sheep theme park, is touted as the "biggest, highest and longest rollercoaster" in Devon but has one rather strange condition: you're not allowed to scream while on it. 

Image: The Big Sheep

The concern is based around the disruption the noise might cause for neighbours of the park. A sign outside the new ride states "this is a family ride – not a white knuckle thrill ride. Enjoy the views but we love our neighbours. PLEASE DO NOT SHOUT OR SCREAM! Thank ewe". 

The roller coaster opened on Friday and according to The Mirror, the request comes off the back of a five-year planning permission battle with local residents over concerns that the ride would be intrusive. 

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