Evening Top 5: Irish cyclist dies in Belgium, search for missing soldier Ben Garrett continues

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Irish cyclist dies while taking part in Tour of Flanders competition

An Irish cyclist has died while taking part in the Tour of Flanders cycling event in Belgium.

The 56-year-old man became ill on the Oude Kwaremont yesterday.

The cobbled road leading up the Kluisberg Hill is a notoriously difficult part of the course.

Search for missing soldier Ben Garrett to resume tomorrow morning

The Defence Forces say a search for Ben Garrett will resume at 8.30am tomorrow.

A wide-scale search has been taking place around Galway city for the missing Mayo man.

Searches got underway in Galway city, as a large crowd of people gathered at Mill Street garda station.

Mr Garrett is a Private in the Irish Defence Forces, and a separate search also set out from the army barracks in Renmore.

Repeal the 8th campaign continues outside the Dáil

A campaign calling for a repeal of the 8th amendment is continuing outside Government Buildings in Dublin.

As part of the protest, 12 activists stand outside the Dáil to represent the 12 women and girls Amnesty Ireland says will travel to the UK to access an abortion.

The human rights group claims current Irish laws on abortion "violate the human rights of women and girls".

Brussels Airport set to partially reopen tomorrow

Brussels Airport is to reopen tomorrow for the first time since suicide bombers struck on March 22nd.

There will be flights to Faro, Turin and Athens, but passengers will be dropped off at car parks before being taken to check in.

Speaking at a news conference, CEO of Brussels Airport Company Arnaud Feist said passengers will also have to go through metal detectors in addition to other security measures.

Sea turtle with gas problem undergoes oxygen treatment in the US

Doctors in the US state of Washington are hoping to save a rescued sea turtle by giving him treatment in an oxygen chamber.

Tucker became the first non-human to be treated in the hyperbaric chamber at Virginia Mason Hospital.

The large turtle had internal gas bubbles that prevented him from staying underwater.