China bans April Fools' Day claiming it is not in line with their "core values"

The social media site Weibo contained a post from a state media agency claiming it was "illegal"

China, April Fools', Weibo

Image: Alexander F. Yuan / AP/Press Association Images

Unlike many other countries around the world on April 1st, it seems that China did not celebrate April Fools' Day. 

A post on the social media site Weibo from a state media agency outlines the official stance on the matter, stating that the tradition was "not in line with our country's cultural traditions, not in line with our socialist core values."

The post also stated that it hoped people would not spread rumours or pranks on the day, with an accompanying illustration that showed two mobile devices saying "resending" and "rumours", and a finger pointing at them saying "illegal". 

Responses to the post from online users of the site were none too complimentary, as the Shanghaiist reports, with one stating that "the media is publishing false news to fool people every single day, what difference is one more?". Another stated that "I will watch CCTV [China Central Television] news to celebrate April Fool's Day". 

According to CNN, the move from the Xinhua agency comes shortly after Yu Shaolei, culture editor at China's Southern Metropolis Daily paper, resigned amid further censorship and scrutiny on the media from the state.