Teenager to serve nine years for fatal stabbing of schoolboy in Scotland

The youth, who cannot be named, had admitted fatally stabbing Bailey Gwynne but denied murder

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Flowers outside Cults Academy in Aberdeen where 16 year old Bailey Gwynne died after being stabbed. Image: Andrew Milligan / PA Wire/Press Association Images

In Scotland, a teenager's been told he will serve nine years behind bars for stabbing a school pupil in Aberdeen.

Bailey Gwynne, also aged 16, died from a knife wound to the chest in a fight at Cults Academy in Aberdeen last October.

The teenager was sentenced to nine years' detention at the High Court in Edinburgh after being convicted last month of culpable homicide.

The jury at Aberdeen's High Court had ruled against a murder charge following a five-day trial.

The youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had admitted fatally stabbing Bailey but denied murder.

Bailey had squared up to the teenager after he made a comment about his mother, the jury heard.

They both were said to have thrown punches and two onlookers said Bailey had him in a headlock before he pulled out a knife.

He died from a "penetrating stab-force injury to the chest" which went directly into the heart, according to a post-mortem examination.

Judge Lady Stacey told the youngster: "If you had not carried a knife, the exchange of insults between you and Bailey Gwynne would have led at worst to a fist fight ... and certainly not loss of life."

She also told him: "Nothing that I can say nor any sentence that I impose will do anything to lessen the grief that Bailey Gwynne's family and friends feel.

"The shock of the death at such a young age was felt in the wider community; nothing I can say or do can alleviate that."

The judge's sentence means the killer will serve nine years in custody - eight for culpable homicide and one for carrying weapons.

He will then be supervised for another two years on release.

Before sentencing, his lawyer told the court: "He is greatly affected by these events in quite a profound way. He is profoundly sorry."

He also claimed the youngster was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.